James Middleton, younger brother of Duchess Kate Middleton, won't be marrying fiancee Alizee Thevenet until next year.

James Middleton made the revelation indirectly in his recent post on Instagram. The entrepreneur, who was originally planning to tie the knot with Alizee Thevenet in May this year, hinted that he has removed the wedding from the list of the things he was planning to do this year.

Alongside a series of pictures of his adorable dogs, the 33-year-old wrote that spending more time with his pets was the only new year resolution he could manage to keep in 2020, as others were derailed due to coronavirus pandemic. The resolutions he couldn't complete this year included getting married, travelling more, and learning French.

"The only New Years resolution I've kept this year is 'spending more time with my dogs,'" James captioned the post.

James and Alizee, who announced their engagement in October 2019 after dating for around a year, have been isolating with James's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, at their stunning Bucklebury home.

The businessman had earlier also spoken about his postponed nuptials on Instagram in May. James posted a home video of him surprising his fiancee by shaving off his beard, in which he explained: "As Alizee and myself were due to get married... well actually, this month...She's never seen me without a beard, so I thought it was about time I showed her what was behind it."

"In fact, what I am most worried about is these guys (his dogs) might not recognise me afterwards. Say goodbye," he said before using an electric shaver and then a razor to completely shave off his beard. After his work was done, James said: "There you go. So I am off to go find Alizee," and walked towards his parents' garden where they were sitting with Alizee.

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A shocked Alizee jumped from her chair and screamed after seeing James, and appeared delighted as she laughed and said: "Oh my god! So weird. Even when I kiss you it's different!" Michael and Carole also seemed shocked at their son's new look. In the caption of the Instagram post, James revealed that he hadn't shaved his beard since seven years.