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Jamie Foxx surprised Terri "Queeni" Glen in Chicago on Monday when he hopped out of his truck to return her purse. This is the third public sighting of the actor whose health has been kept under wraps following a medical condition in April.

The "They Cloned Tyrone" star played the knight in shining armour when he tracked down Glen after he retrieved her purse, which she was not even aware she had misplaced. She told Fox News Digital that she heard a horn blowing and then her sister, who was with her during the encounter told her, "Look over here!" after spotting a black town car opening and a man stepping out holding her bag.

"I immediately knew it was my bag. And I'm like, 'My bag?' I said 'Jamie?'. I knew it was him immediately, just like I thought it was my bag immediately."

Glen, who was in the city to support her sister in her battle against breast cancer, then tried to retrace her steps to find out where she could have lost her bag. She said she was sightseeing around Chicago on a pedicab and recorded the sights on video. She noticed that Foxx's car was in her video of the street and thinks she may have misplaced her purse when she previously walked around it.

Speaking about her encounter with the "Django Unchained" star, she said she went to give him a hug and asked if he was all right and if he feels good. She shared, "He just quoted me, and he said, 'I feel good.' He just kind of had like a little smile, like he do... It made me really feel like he was appreciative of me asking about his well-being instead of saying, 'Hey, can we get a picture?'"

Glen continued, "And then you hear him say, 'You're welcome, baby.'" She also noted that Foxx "had no issues with his speech" and he appeared "strong and well."

In the quick series of events, she did not even remember getting Foxx on video. In the clip, he can be seen getting back inside a black vehicle and closing its door after he returned the bag.

"He hopped out of the car the same way you guys got the glimpse of him hopping back in, is the same way he got out ... He got completely out of the truck and came over to the little bicycle. He actually - he's good. He looks good. He feels good. He said he feels good," Glen said.

In response to the lack of details about his "medical condition" she added, "He's probably just trying to have his privacy and get completely well. I do feel like anyone in that car could have given me my bag."

As for sharing his video, Glen hopes that "he doesn't mind" saying that "he probably expects in this day and age that people like to post stuff like that." A source close to the actor confirmed that it was him in the black vehicle who returned the bag.

Foxx was first seen in public on Sunday cruising on a boat along the Chicago River with his daughters. He looked healthy and well as he gave the cheering passengers of another boat that passed them by a wave and a smile.

He was also spotted "in good spirits and having a good time" on Saturday during a Topgolf outing in Naperville, Illinois. A source told People that he "didn't need any physical assistance" but "his friends seemed protective of him throughout the night."

Foxx and his family have remained tight-lipped about the mysterious medical condition that left him hospitalised and reportedly needing rehabilitation afterward. The few updates about his health came from his eldest child Corinne on social media in April, when she broke the news about his condition, and then in May when she slammed claims that his father suffered a stroke and that his family was expecting the worse.