Jamie Neil
Jamie Neil used a see-through carrier bag when he raided a petrol station with an accomplice.

A hapless robber who used a see-through carrier bag as a disguise when he raided a petrol station has been handed a two-year prison sentence.

Jamie Neil was convicted of robbery after raiding the Co-op petrol station in St Austell, Cornwall, in September 2012.

The 41-year-old from Bethel, Cornwall was caught on CCTV using the bag as a makeshift mask when he and an accomplice stole from the station.

His sidekick Gareth Tilley, 20, wore a scarf over his head when the pair stormed into the petrol station demanding cash and alcohol.

The duo were believed to have been intoxicated on alcohol and stolen prescription drugs when they carried out the theft.

According to the Telegraph, when the female cashier hit an alarm Neil headbutted her and he and Tilley grabbed several bottles of alcohol before they made their getaway.

Neil was arrested two days later after being spotted by off-duty detective Lauren Holley.

Detectives described the duo's disguises as ridiculous.

"Before arriving at the location, Tilley disguised his face using a scarf and Neil, being less resourceful, put a plastic bag on his head," said Det Con Steve White.

Tilley received a two-year sentence at an earlier trial.