Japan's Toyota is set to rent out its i-Road electric three-wheelers starting from 10 April in a bid to reduce pollution in Tokyo.

Drivers can pick up one of the five cars at one location but can drop it off at five other locations in the city. Select locations will have i-Road charging stations. The service is a partnership between Toyota and Park 24, which operates car parks across Japan. The three-wheeler is 7.5ft long and 2.85ft wide.

Although it resembles a motorbike, the one-seater requires a car licence instead of a motorcycle one. Its top speed is 37mph.

"There is the enjoyment of riding a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Second, the fact that it is small leads to easy parking and turns. Third, it's very comfortable to ride compared with a motorcycle. Those qualities I mentioned are more valuable in metropolitan areas with high population density, especially the fact that it's small," Toyota Motors Corp sports vehicle management division group manager Akihiro Yanai said.

"The concept of i-Road is that it has the qualities of a bike. It's easy to make small, quick turns, and it doesn't take a lot of space when parking. On the other hand, it has the comfort of a regular car, where you can drive it in the rain and without a helmet. Those without driving skills can drive it with stability. It's something that has both qualities, and is safe and fun to drive in the city, and that was the idea we began this project with."

The service will begin on 10 April and is scheduled to end on 30 September.