A man in Japan has broken the world record for the fastest 100m running on all fours. 33-year-old Kenicho Ito sprinted the distance using his four limbs in 15.71 seconds at the Komazawa Olympic Park Athletic Field in Setagaya, Tokyo.

This is not the first time that Ito has broken the record, setting a best ever time of 18.58 seconds in 2008, 17.47 seconds in 2012 and 16.87 seconds in 2013.

Ito, who works as a cleaner, has previously claimed to mop floors on all fours to practice using all four limbs . The Tokyo resident also spent nine years studying how animals like monkeys move in order to improve his four-limbed running technique

Ito broke the record in celebration of Guinness World Records Day on 12 November, where over 650,000 people across the world will be trying to enter the famous book. Other record attempts on the day include the most champagne bottles sabered in Japan, the largest chocolate coin in Belgium and the largest gathering of people dressed as Penguins in the UK.