Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z will give Kim and Kanye's lavish wedding a miss. Reuters

Jay Z and Beyonce will not be attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding.

Jay Z and the Single Ladies singer are said to have decided against attending the couple's forthcoming nuptials, because they don't want to appear on reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

A source told The Sun: "Jay Z would be there if it wasn't going to be such a public event."

However, the rapper is making up for his absence on the big day by spending £100,000 on a rented yacht for their honeymoon.

He is also organising an extravagant stag do for West at his New York club 40/40.

The source added: "Instead he's making it up to his mate by throwing him the most extravagant stag do known to man.

"It will cost a small fortune – and to top it all off, he's chucked a £100,000 yacht rental in there as a wedding gift as well."

The rappers have been friends for many years, while their partners Beyonce and Kim recently crossed paths at a dermatology clinic.

According to the MailOnline a source said: "Beyonce and Kim did speak at the clinic. They had a friendly chat and then went about their days."

The wedding will reportedly have a royal theme, with the couple wearing matching crowns. The reality TV star is modelling her tiara on the Duchess of Cambridge's Cartier wedding tiara. A source told US Magazine: "Kim and Kanye will be in handcrafted headpieces he commissioned for them. He thinks he and Kim are royalty."

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Photo: Reuters)
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have a royalty themed wedding Reuters

West, who organising the entire event, also wants them to wear matching couture for the ceremony, while their daughter North West will have a central on their special day.

The couple will be flying in their A-list guests in private jets with Lady Gaga expected to perform on the big day.

They were previously considering the Palace of Versailles as a venue, but are now reported to be looking at other options.

With a budget of around $30million, West is planning to make the event one of the biggest weddings ever.

The wedding is set to take place on May 24.