A royal expert claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are jealous of the position that Prince William and Kate Middleton hold in the institution after the duke spoke about not wanting to be a spare in his memoir.

Leaked excerpts from the Duke of Sussex's book called "Spare" revealed that he had an argument in 2019 with his older brother about him being a "spare to the heir." He reportedly was not content with being the "spare" and wanted more out of his royal position.

This revelation had royal expert Kinsey Schofield remembering what the then-young Prince Harry had told several people, including Princess Diana, that he "wanted to be King."

"I believe that Harry and Meghan are bitterly jealous of the Prince and Princess of Wales," she said according to Sky News.

She then pointed out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would not have been popular had it not been for their royal titles. She said the couple "failed to acknowledge that the public loved them thanks to a platform that the institution gave the both of them."

Schofield then suggested that Meghan Markle was not even that popular before she met Prince Harry. She claimed that "people weren't lining up in the streets to meet Meghan Markle from 'Suits'. They wanted to meet Prince Harry's girlfriend and wife."

As for the former American actress, Schofield believes that she too will write her own story and hopes that it is not another "victim narrative." She hopes that the duchess' memoir "leans into leadership or philanthropy" and that she "gives the victim narrative a rest because American media outlets are turning on them now too."

Prince Harry will release his book on Jan. 10, just a day after Kate Middleton celebrates her 41st birthday on Jan. 9. The duke did a couple of interviews to promote his book with Anderson Cooper on CBS' "60 Minutes" and with ITV's Tom Bradby. Both interviews will air on Sunday, Jan. 8. It is said that "Spare" is very explosive and it could finally put an end to his relationship with Prince William.

Anderson Cooper and Prince Harry
Prince Harry speaks to Anderson Cooper about his memoir "Spare." 60 Minutes/Twitter