Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos says he is willing to become friends with Elon Musk Wikimedia Commons

Despite feuding over the years, Jeff Bezos says he doesn't have any problems when it comes to being friends with Elon Musk. In fact, Bezos thinks he and the Twitter owner are "very like-minded".

In a wide-ranging interview with podcaster Lex Fridman, the Amazon founder said he loves the idea of hanging out with Musk. Bezos also shared his thoughts on Musk as a human and a leader.

"Well, I don't really know Elon very well. I know his public persona but I also know you can't know anyone by their public persona. it's impossible. You may think you do, but I guarantee you don't," Bezos said.

Considering he runs major companies like Tesla and SpaceX, Bezos concluded that Musk must be a very capable leader. Fridman, who has previously interviewed Musk on his show, said he hoped the duo would have a "friendship that would inspire the entirety of humanity".

The Blue Origin founder agreed with Fridman, further noting that he and Musk are "very like-minded" with a lot of their endeavours. "So I think, I'm not saying we're identical, but we're very like-minded so I love that idea," he added.

Can Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos become friends?

Last year, Musk asked his followers if Twitter's San Francisco-based headquarters should be converted into a homeless shelter since no one shows up anyway. The poll got a response from Bezos, who wrote: "Or do portion. Worked out great and makes it easy for employees who want to volunteer".

However, it is worth noting that the tech moguls haven't exactly been the best of friends over the years. In fact, they have founded rival aerospace companies SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Moreover, Musk recently told biographer Walter Isaacson that he wanted Bezos to "get out of his hot tub and yacht," and focus his efforts on Blue Origin. Isaacson revealed these comments on the "Diary of a CEO" podcast.

While Isaacson noted that rivals "don't hang out together," the American author said: "Musk respects Bezos." In 2021, Musk took a jab at Bezos when he told the Financial Times that he "does take himself a bit too seriously".

Musk went on to say Bezos had "reasonably good engineering aptitude" but "does not seem to be willing to spend mental energy getting into the details of engineering".

Bezos also spoke about the "10,000-Year Clock" towards the end of the podcast. He explained that the "10,000-Year Clock is a physical clock of monumental scale".

The clock will be a symbol for long-term thinking. "it chimes once every hundred years, and the cuckoo comes out once every thousand years. So it just sort of slows everything down," he explained.

This will be a completely mechanical clock that is expected to last 10,000 years with no human intervention.