Jennifer Aniston has her eyes set on newly-single Harry Styles, with sources saying that she is on a mission to one-up his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde.

Insiders claimed that the "Don't Worry Darling" director has been a longtime rival of the "Friends" alum. Aniston reportedly wants to get her hands on her rival's ex-boyfriend and she does not mind the age gap at all.

National Enquirer, in its Dec. 26 issue, claimed that 53-year-old Aniston "isn't fazed at all by the 25-year age gap" with Styles. She has allegedly been leaving "come and get me" likes on his Instagram page.

"Jennifer has always drooled on Harry. He's a dream catch for anyone who's lucky enough to date him," a source told the publication adding that the actress finds the former One Direction singer's "edgy style a huge turn-on."

Aniston reportedly "has all his songs on her playlist and has heard great things about him through mutual friends." The insider claimed that "it blew her mind" when she learned that Styles dated Wilde, who is 10 years his senior.

But "it's given her the confidence" to pursue him given that "he's clearly into older women." The source claimed that right now, Aniston is "doing her best to land a date" with Styles and that she "feels quietly confident she's got a real shot with him."

"She truly believes they'd click and figures there's no harm in shooting for the top. Her standards are as high as they've ever been even after all the bad luck she's had with guys," the insider added.

Aniston had been in two failed marriages with Brad Pitt and then Justin Theroux. She also previously dated singer, John Mayer. She reportedly had a "real blast with John and would love to date another rockstar." Styles is believed to be "at the top of his game right now, so he'd be the ultimate catch" and Aniston is "going for it."

Styles and Wilde broke up after nearly two years together. Meanwhile, Aniston admitted in her cover interview for Allure magazine that she wants a new romantic relationship but is not interested in marriage at the moment. But claims that she has a crush on Styles and wants to date him remain a rumour.

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