Jennifer Lauren evaded a lifetime ban from flying Delta Air Lines, after she was convicted of air rage.

At the final court hearing at Ennis District Court in Co Clare, Ireland, Lauren pleaded guilty to breaching the peace and being intoxicated.

She was fined €2,000 (£1,650).

Unusually, Delta Air Lines was not represented in court and did not request Lauren should be put on the airline blacklist for banned fliers. Ordinarily, a lifetime ban from an airline is routine in cases of air rage.

Delta Air Lines declined to issue a statement on the verdict, stating only that the airline did not tolerate disruptive behaviour.

Acording to the london Evening Standard, while Lauren had a local Shannon lawyer in court, her family also flew in their own legal team from New York, which worked discreetly behind the scenes to ensure the most serious charge was dropped and the least damage was done to the Lauren brand image.

She was smuggled in and out of the back entrance of the court and no information was submitted about her plans to fly back to the US — again an unusual occurrence in such cases.

Along with a vast personal wealth, Lauren's uncle is worth an estimated $7.7 billion and was named as the richest man in US fashion by Forbes magazine last year. Her father, Jerry Lauren, is the executive vice president of menswear of the Lauren fashion empire.

The incident occurred on Monday, when Lauren verbally assaulted and pushed a member of the cabin crew. The defendant allegedly claimed her actions were a result of mixing alcohol and medication. In court, she admitted to being intoxicated to a point that she might have endangered herself or others on board the flight from Barcelona to New York.

Lauren verbally abused an air stewardess shortly after take off. The staff member noticed Lauren crying, who exploded into a furious tirade shortly afterwards.

The air hostess was reportedly told to "get the f**k out of my face" and called various crew members "fat blonde b*****s".

Lauren was also physically aggressive, pushing an air stewardess who had tried to calm her down.