They are two of the fiercest women in pop culture but Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence believes singer Taylor Swift is running the show.

The Shake It Off singer was hailed a hero when she criticised Apple Music for not paying artists while streaming their music during a three-month trial of its new service, while Lawrence, 24, has broken down the gender wage gap in Hollywood.

Speaking to Extra at Comic-Con in San Diego, the Oscar-winner said: "Taylor Swift is a badass. The letter that she wrote about Apple, I texted her and was like, 'You [are] a badass bitch'. She's awesome."

When the reporter complimented the actress on her achievement, she jokingly replied: "She's a lot more well-spoken than I am."

Watch Jennifer Lawrence speaking to Extra at Comic-Con:

In June, The Hollywood Reporter claimed Lawrence had negotiated a deal with Sony Pictures to land a $20m (£13m) pay packet for forthcoming film Passengers, compared to her co-star Chris Pratt, who is allegedly receiving $12m.

The deal came after it was revealed in leaked emails from Sony that the Silver Linings Playbook star was getting paid less than her male co-stars in crime drama American Hustle.

Lawrence is not the only star to weigh in on Swift's bold stance against Apple Music. British soul singer Samm Henshaw stated it was "just a business" and admitted he is being well supported by rival streaming service Spotify as a rising artist.

Henshaww told IBTimes UK: "With the Taylor Swift thing, I do understand people's viewpoint from there. It's just a business, sometimes you've got to understand these things have to happen."