In what is becoming one of the most well-respected traditions in UK politics, Jeremy Hunt has once again had his name mispronounced during a live broadcast in the worst way imaginable.

Bizarrely, and not even for the first time, the health secretary managed to be referred to as Jeremy C**t twice in the same day – once by the BBC's political correspondent Ellie Price, then again by Sky News' Claudia-Liza Armah.

Some observers say the gaffes are happening far too often nowadays for it to be a coincidence. It came as it was disclosed that Hunt would remain as health secretary as prime minister Theresa May began her post-election Cabinet reshuffle.

The tradition of accidentally calling Hunt a c**t dates as far back as 2010, with BBC Radio 4 presenter Jim Naughtie kicking off the trend during a morning broadcast of the Today programme.

Fellow presenter Andrew Marr then managed to do the exact same thing when discussing the incident just a few hours later.

Since then, similar outbursts have occurred on BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky News (on more than one occasion), BBC News (again) and Question Time.

All of which can be seen in this special highlights reel.

(Warning, obviously the video contains very strong language throughout).