A study conducted in 2016 claimed that Harry Potter readers were keener to dislike US President Donald Trump, with many comparing the president to Potter's own nemesis Lord Voldemort.

Entertainment Weekly even created a quiz that let you guess which comments were made by the current US president, and which by the wizarding world's baddie.

Most recently, a writer named Oliver Willis posted a tweet suggesting that Trump's sons Donald Jr and Eric, along with his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, were alumni of Slytherin.

"Slytherin Alumni go far! CUT TO MONTAGE of Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr," he wrote.

His view is not too different from what a number of others have said, claiming that if the Sorting Hat was to allocate Trump into a Hogwarts house it would be the house of Salazar Slytherin – popularly known for producing some of the wizarding world's worst Dark wizards.

Jared Kushner
Jared Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, is a senior political advisor to President Donald Trump. Getty

JK Rowling, the author behind the magical fantasy books, however, is not of the same opinion. Responding to Willis' tweet, Rowling, who does not shy away from offering her political opinions on the micro-blogging site, explained that the three men would not have been Slytherins because they would have never received a letter inviting them to study at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the first place.

"You've got to get the letter before you put on the hat, Oliver," she tweeted, and for any of us engaged in the Potter fantasy world, being called a Muggle comes pretty close to an insult!