Joe Biden has never shied away from expressing his dislike of Donald Trump and has, on multiple occasions slammed the president-elect for his inflammatory statements. In a recent interview with PBS NewsHour, the out-going vice president once again voiced his opinion of Trump and said that it was time for him to "be an adult".

"Grow up, Donald. Grow up. Time to be an adult," Biden said, criticising the incoming president's attack of the US intelligence community and health care policy as well as his tweets about President Obama and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

"You're president. You've got to do something. Show us what you have. You're going to propose legislation. We're going to get to debate it. Let the public decide. Let them vote in Congress. Let's see what happens," he added.

On the matter of US intelligence, he said it was dangerous for a president to ignore the information being given by the agencies. "I think it's dangerous for a president not to have confidence in, not to be prepared to listen to the myriad of intelligence agencies from defence intelligence, to the CIA, et cetera, is absolutely mindless. It's just mindless," he said in the interview that aired on 5 January.

Trump has time and again questioned the US intelligence community's assessment that Russia interfered with the election in an effort to undermine Hillary Clinton. "There is overwhelming consensus in the [intelligence] community, and overwhelming evidence supplied by the community, that Russia did engage in an effort to impact [the race]," Biden said, adding that it was "worrisome" that Trump has been adamantly ignoring this intel. A report on the hacking is set to be released soon and the president elect will be briefed about it by top intelligence officials on Friday.

Following the interview, Chris Collins, a member of Trump's transition executive committee responded to Biden's comments, calling them pathetic. "That's a pathetic response. I think it's beneath the Office of the Vice President," Collin said on CNN's The Situation Room. "It shows just the angst of the loss of this election by (President Barack) Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Donald Trump is the adult in the room."