John Cena is obviously a fan of BTS and he made this known during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday.

The "Blockers" star was the first in-studio guest on "The Tonight Show" since Fallon conducted his interviews via video call amid the pandemic. BTS was set to perform on the show that night too and the actor just could not help but admire them.

"When something becomes a thing, it's open for criticism. I love what this band has done because they are this massively popular thing and they have been so globally popular for so long," Cena started.

The WWE champion shared that he got curious about the Korean boyband and started listening to their music. He said he was "originally drawn" because there are rappers in the group. However, as he got to really listen to the meaning behind their music, that was when he grew to admire them.

"Then I got interested in what the music stood for. They advocate self-love, they advocate don't be afraid of failure, they advocate that you are enough," Cena explained.

"They're kinda trying to shatter all the stereotypical difficulties and uncomfortable situations that we go through and they are catering to an audience that is living that: Young people," he continued.

"That's why they are so popular around the world. One, they're great performers. But it's the message they send, it resonates with the people," he added.

Cena also talked about how the K-Pop superstars encourage activism. He talked about their $1 million donation to the Black Lives Matter movement. He then praised their supporters, called the BTS ARMY, who are "not just geeked-out fans," for their dedication to philanthropic works. The fans also managed to match the boys' donation.

"This is the first time they've done this. This BTS Army charity gives a bunch to philanthropic causes," he pointed out adding "that's f***ing changing the world."

Cena also admitted to Fallon that it "floored" him and "stopped my heart" when he heard that BTS wanted to meet him. He also expressed his appreciation that the fans welcomed him.

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