Chelsea have quoted a £200m ($300) price tag on Eden Hazard should Real Madrid make a move to prise him away from Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho, in his press conference before the Arsenal game, confirmed that he is not looking to sell Hazard in the near future and that if any club are interested they need to contact him directly and negotiate a deal.

Mourinho has spent three fruitful years in Spain where he has won the La Liga with Madrid and is conversant with the workings of the management. The Chelsea manager is confident that the club would not make an approach for the Belgian without his knowledge and that he would also be willing to listen to Madrid if they offer him £100m along with one of their three best players.

Hazard is the frontrunner for the PFA Player of the Year award this season, having played an important part in their league leading campaign this season.

"Put a figure on him? £100m plus one of their three best players. Or £100m each leg, because he's very young," Mourinho said.

"I am not worried. If they want him I think I would be the first one to know, because my relationship with the president and the CEO doesn't give space for something to happen behind me.

"If they want him, they get on the telephone and they call me. It's the way I feel about president Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez," he added.

Hazard has previously been linked with a move to Spain, given the player's inclination to work under his idol Zinedine Zidane. However, with Chelsea making massive strides in the league and Madrid already stocked in that department, any move seems highly unlikely at this point, unless something dramatically changes in the summer.

Mourinho also stressed that Hazard was not looking for stardom and that he was a normal guy with a mild countenance.

"He's such a normal boy that he doesn't belong to glamour," the Chelsea manager concluded.