Actresses Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers, stars of the hit 70s American sitcom "Three's Company" have broken a vow of silence that has lasted thirty long years. The two stars celebrated their reunion at Somers' new web series called "Suzanne Somers' Breaking Through".

The pair last spoke in 1981, just before Somers quit the sitcom; the producers had refused to meet her salary demands.

According to, when asked why she came to the show, DeWitt replied: "It's time. I think that you gave me the opportunity to walk my talk."

"For the last 30 odd years, whenever something about "Three's Company" comes up, I have relentlessly said it is my opinion the only reason "Three's Company" is worth remembering is that it created an opportunity for all of us to laugh together, to celebrate joy. It's a profound gift," she added.

The two stars later went on to talk about late co-actor John Ritter (who died in 2003) and some of the best moments in "Three's Company".

"Three's Company" continued to air, till September 18, 1984. Somers was replaced by Priscilla Barnes.

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