Director Garry Marshall seems to be creating his own unique franchise as of late, with the questionable recipe of picking an obscure holiday, getting an enormous cast of hugely successful actors on board and then surprising everybody by making said movie, terrible.

The films set at Christmas or ones about wild antics on a particular college student's spring break, for example, tend to fare quite well. But Marshall's past calendar-specific flicks Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve haven't gone down too well with critics (despite the fact that they made a lot of money at the box office) – now he's doing it again, with this film being centred on all things Mother's Day.

His past two holiday films boasted impressive cast members including Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway and Hilary Swank.

Mother's Day is looking to be no exception when it comes to a star-studded line-up with Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis believed to be in talks about starring in the upcoming movie too.

No doubt this film will present similar tones to its predecessors, being sickly sweet, with overdramatic relationship dramas, family troubles and a highly predictable ending. But with an impressive cast it will get people going to the cinema anyway.

According to Hollywood news site Deadline, Mother's Day will depict interwoven stories about the lives of several mothers as the parental holiday approaches, and the screenplay will be penned by Anya Kochoff-Romano (Monster-In-Law) and Lily Hollander.

The site says that the film will start shooting in August, so casting details will inevitably be released in the next coming months. Everything else about the movie is being kept under wraps.

Perhaps the next holiday Marshall will depict after this outing will be Independence Day, we reckon there's a gap in the market for a film named after the 4 July, right?