Julian Assange admitted he has health problems from being inside the Ecuador Embassy for two years
Julian Assange admits health problems from being inside Ecuador Embassy for two years Getty

Julian Assange has admitted his health was suffering from being inside the Ecuador Embassy for two years in a sex allegations stand-off with Swedish and UK authorities.

Wikileaks founder Assange, 43, is reportedly suffering from heart and lung conditions as well as failing eyesight as a result of being holed indoors for two years.

Speaking at a press conference inside the embassy's building in central London, Assange did not specify what health problems he had, but acknowledged there were "difficulties".

The fugitive, wanted by the United States government for publishing reams of classified information online announced he will end his embassy siege "soon" - possibly to seek medical treatment.

Assange also lashed out at governments in Britain, Sweden and the USA for a deadlock which has forced him to seek refuge in the embassy to avoid extradition on sex crime allegations in Sweden.

It has seen the Australian continue his self-imposed confinement by not stepping outside in two years for fear of arrest, sleeping in a converted toilet to avoid traffic noise and relying on an exercise bike to keep fit.

Assange said: "In relation to my health, [I have been detained] in various ways and now in this embassy which has no outside area and no sunlight, without charge.

"It is an environment in which any healthy person would find themselves with difficulties to manage. The UN minimum standard for prisoners is one hour a day of outside exercise and even when I was in prison in solitary confinement in Wandsworth prison, that was respected."