Caprice Bourret has admitted a brain tumour diagnosis was her "scariest moment" and immediately made her fear for her children.

The 45-year-old model and businesswoman had been on reality winter sports programme The Jump on Channel 4 when persistent headaches and distorted vision was met by concern from the production team – who sent her to a doctor.

Bourret eventually quit the show when a thumb-sized growth was discovered in her brain, and she is incredibly grateful to the show as she believes their urgency to get her symptoms checked may have saved her life.

"I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I found out while I was competing in the show and boy, was it more horrific than any of the challenges."

"My first thought was for my two little boys. I'm their rock and keep my family together.

"It was the scariest moment I'd ever experienced."

Bourret had been in the middle of competing in the show when her symptoms of headaches would not subside and she also started having problems with her sight.

"I had headaches that were not going away and my vision was beginning to act up so the show's production insisted I see their doctor."

Bourret has since had surgery to remove the tumour from her brain.

The Jump has come under fire since its inception in 2014 for numerous injuries to celebrities taking part that saw Vogue Williams dislocate her knee before the show even aired, Sir Bradley Wiggins breaking his ankle and Bourret herself suffering an injury before she eventually quit through her illness.

"You are training eight hours a day so I've been tired and had bad falls, aches and pains and bruises," she said. "I hurt my head and fractured my ribs when I was practising the ski jump. As I hit the airbag, my skis bashed against me."

Following last season's finale in March 2016, the show had been in danger of paying out a number of compensation packages to seven injured stars, including gymnast Beth Tweddle, who suffered a complication to her neck and had to be airlifted to hospital.

Caprice Bourret
Caprice Bourret had been a contestant on Channel 4 show The Jump at the time of her brain tumour scare. Wikimedia Commons