jurassic world
Chris Pratt as Owen in Jurassic World movie Universal Pictures

The second trailer of the much anticipated movie Jurassic World, which was set to be out during Super Bowl, has been leaked online.

One of the users at Reddit posted a video, which is allegedly the unedited cut from the second trailer.

The opening scene of the video shows the gyrosphere, and a voice-over announces, "Welcome to Jurassic World."

In the next scene, Chris Pratt is spotted talking to Bryce Dallas Howard and he is saying, "It's like taking a stroll through the woods," and then a few scenes of Pratt taming velociraptor dinosaurs is shown.

The video shows additional footage of the scenes from the first Jurassic World trailer. One of the scientists in the video is talking about the new hybrid dinosaur, which was designed to be bigger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The whole park is in chaos, Chris Pratt is spotted with a gun and we get to have a first look at the monstrous Indominus Rex, which is twice the size of T-Rex.

The video also features an action sequence involving a helicopter, which reveals that thousands of visitors will be trapped on the island.

Although the video has been taken down by Universal Pictures on copyright grounds, fans who have seen the footage are satisfied with the trailer.

A reddit user, crankerpants said, "I am already SO PUMPED to watch Chris Pratt tame some raptors. Sooooo f*****g pumped.

"When I first saw it, I was like: "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh." But now that I've thought about it, I am crazy excited for it," said somethingasaur.

Another user replied, "Looks like in this version they show and talk a lot more of the D-Rex. Personally I'm glad they went with the "less revealing" route in the official trailer, as it means there's more to hype for. Now if all these new scenes makes it into a second trailer, I will certainly be overjoyed."

"Awesome! This looks good! I can't wait to see this movie on the big screen!" said another user.

alanzo123 commented, "Jurassic Park was believable. The thought that they still want to make the theme park happen is also believable. The thought that they would try to genetically engineer a stupidly huge monster.. you know, for the f**k of it.. just not as believable. This just feels like JP3. "What's worse than T-Rex? SUPER T-REX!!!"