Jurassic World
Jurassic Park/Facebook

Fans of Jurassic World got a brief glimpse into the world of dinosaurs with the very short teaser from Universal Studio.

The 20-second teaser highlighted some park visitors (including children) enjoying a high-tech safari ride in the Jurassic Park and enjoying the view of the giant ancient beasts running around. Fans also got to see a serious looking Chris Pratt.

The movie will begin 22 years after the incidents that happened in John Parker Hammond's dream Jurassic Park situated on the Isla Nublar island.

During this time the wild beasts have been tamed by experts and the park is now a 'safe place' for visitors.

The full trailer for the movie will premiere during the Thanksgiving football on NBC on the 27th of November.

Jurassic fans from the UK have to wait till 2am Friday morning to watch the first full trailer of the much-awaited movie.

The Thanksgiving premiere of the trailer has made many fans suspect that the movie will introduce Velociraptors, a gigantic version of the Turkeys.

Though the makers of the movie have remained tight lipped about the theme of the trailer, a fan website recently posted some text, which it claims, is the trailer description.

Here is the leaked trailer description as reported by jurassicworld.org.

basically jeep driving in a safari style field with wat I presume is gallimimus along side it.

then mosausaur feeding show with a shark

then Bryce dallas howard talks about the research they have made in the last 10 years being better than last century

someone gets dragged into jungle first person view

Bryce says if SHE is out SHE will find us. presuming its d rex

pratt is stood with a muzzled raptor and then says ' if we gunna do it, its gotta be my way' and then tapps the raptor on the head.

There are reports that Chris Pratt's character will battle a new breed of the T-Rexes which were created by a deadly cocktail of DNAs collected from different dinosaur species.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World will premiere in theatres on 12 June 2015.