Pop star Justin Bieber was attacked by a party-goer at a nightclub in Toronto, Canada.

According to TMZ, at around 3am (local time), the 19-year-old Baby singer left the VIP area of the nightclub to mingle. Suddenly, a man charged at Bieber, grabbing hold of his shirt and trying to take him down.

The website included two photos of the attack. In one image, a security guard is seen coming to Bieber's rescue and in another, the attacker appears to be on the ground with Bieber kicking him. According to the report, police were never called about the altercation and no injuries were reported.

However, the incident created a buzz among his fans and "#DontTouchOurJustin" has been trending on Twitter.

"@DaBieburGlitter So the man who tried to attack Justin at the club ended up on the floor! Lmfao #DontTouchOurJustin"

"@lana7belieber you can't mess with Beliebers! touch our Justin...and you're dead!#DontTouchOurJustin"

"@adna_belieber #DontTouchOurJustin because then you touched like 40 million people in the world and you're gonna die every second lol #BelieberPower"

"@93Tone I really dont like this person who attacked our Justin! keep trending it so @justinbieber may see it #DontTouchOurJustin"

"@AnthoulaBieber This is Bieber's world, you're just livin in it #DontTouchOurJustin"

"@jdbmygod #DontTouchOurJustin Because Beliebers will find you.You do not want Beliebers to find you.Trust me."

In other news, Bieber shared a photo of himself sitting in front of the steps of the Avon Theatre in Stratford, Ontario, where he used to sing.

"Remember where you come from," he wrote on Instagram.