Justin Bieber and his lawyers were granted a motion to subpoena Twitter for the information of two sexual assault accusers. The win for the singer came on Thursday when the judge granted them the motion.

Justin Bieber's lawyers have suggested the two accounts, who went by Danielle and Kadi, could be the same person. In the complaint, the defendants are identified only as Jane Doe 1 and 2. The singer's lawyer, Evan N. Spiegel told Los Angeles Superior Court judge Terry Green that the women cannot be served until they are identified, which could take months for Twitter to comply.

"We just want to uncover who is behind these two accounts, and it may be the same person," Spiegel, told judge Green according to NBC 4. He continued the accusers did not do their "due diligence" in "fabricating" their allegations of sexual assault. Spiegel claimed that everything can be disproven by eyewitnesses and by photo images obtained by the paparazzi.

Two women accused Justin Bieber of sexual assault in June. One of them claimed that the incident happened at a Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas while he was in town with then girlfriend Selena Gomez.

At that time, denying the accusations, 26-year-old Bieber produced evidence on his social media of bills and pictures that showed where he was at that time. He called the accusations as "outrageous, fabricated lies." The women had alleged that Bieber had assaulted them in 2014 and 2015.

Justin Bieber
Canadian singer Justin Bieber Reuters

He later filed has filed a defamation lawsuit of $20 million in Los Angeles, against the two social media users who accused of assault. The legal documents were obtained by TMZ at that time and it describes the allegations against the Bieber as "malicious" and "factually impossible". The lawsuit claimed that the singer has "indisputable documentary evidence" that proves the allegations are "outrageous, fabricated lies."