Justin Bieber is to be sued for $1m (£670,000) by his former neighbour after he egged his house.

The pop star has already paid out $80,000 (£53,500) in damages for the prank, but now faces legal action after his ex-neighbour, Jeff Schwartz, said that he has suffered emotional distress and reputational damage to his career as a car salesman because of the incident, according to TMZ.

The As Long As You Love Me singer is also accused of spitting on Schwartz's face and insulting his wife and daughter.

The celebrity news website said: "We're told Schwartz gave Bieber's people an ultimatum… pay him $1 million or else he'd sue. Bieber's people told Schwartz to pound sand, so he filed suit this week."

In the lawsuit, Schwartz claims that on Memorial Day weekend in May 2013, Bieber was tearing around the neighbourhood in his Ferrari, when he and a friend approached the Boyfriend singer to ask him to stop because he was putting people's lives at risk.

When Schwartz and his friend told the Boyfriend hitmaker he was risking lives by driving fast, one of the singer's bodyguards allegedly said: "What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?"

Schwartz claims the egg incident was just the culmination of months of the pop star terrorising his Calabasas neighbourhood, with loud parties and drag races.

The star was given a two-year probationary order by a US court after pleading not guilty to vandalism.

Bieber has since moved from his luxury home in Calabasas, and now lives next to Mystic River actress and singer-songwriter Emmy Rossum.

A spokesman for the star has denied Schwartz' claims.