The manufacturers of the Kalashnikov rifle are fighting back against sales-inhibiting sanctions imposed on Russia with the launch of a branded range of survival clothing.

An extravagant launch event in Moscow saw Kalashnikov Concern, the company responsible for Russia's AK-47, launch the new line in survival gear and unveil a new logo.

Kalashnikov was hit hard by the sanctions imposed on Russia by the West following conflict in Ukraine.

Some 200,000 rifles which were meant to be delivered to the US and Canada were halted as a result, as well as the cancellation of an ad campaign that was meant to run across North America.

Kalashnikov has doubled its production efforts however, and is undergoing something of a rebranding.

Kalashnikov chief executive officer, Alexei Krivoruchko, told news agencies in Russia that the company hopes to quadruple sales by 2020 via its domestic market, as well as through exports to South America, Asia and Africa.

According to Russia Today, it has also launched the slogan "protecting peace" for its English speaking business, and "weapons of peace" in Russia.