Power season 3
James and Tommy's rivalry is set to take a new turn Starz

With Kanan's return on Power season 3 episode 3, fans can expect a major blow for Omari Hardwick's Ghost aka James St Patrick, as he has chosen to leave his life as a drug lord behind to become a family man. But with growing enemies, the question remains whether James will manage to achieve his dreams of leading a peaceful life with Angela and his children.

Hardwick's character wants to excel as a club owner, but Tommy and Tasha's alliance could destroy him, while the looming threat of Kanan could bring more trouble leading him to becoming the "Ghost", he once was.

The episode will air on Starz network on Sunday, 31 July at 9pm ET. There is no live stream link, but viewers can click here to watch the episode online.

The official synopsis for episode 3 titled I Got This On Lock reads: "Ghost is offered an opportunity to take the clubs to the next level; Tommy reunites with Tasha in a scheme, while he also attempts to keep a contact under control."

The promo of the episode shows an injured Kanan (Curtis James Jackson aka 50 Cents) wanting to seek revenge from James. While Tommy is busy carving out a plan to kill his former friend, he seems scared to take the next step forward. But the synopsis hints that he might use Kanan as a secret contact, to get even with Ghost.

Further, Tommy is still in a dilemma after Lobos threatened to destroy his and Holly's life if he failed to kill his friend. Elsewhere, James is seen enjoying a flirty morning run with Angela and assures her of a great life ahead along with their children.

Watch the promo for Power season 3 episode 3 below: