Kanye West Beck
Winner for Album of the Year Beck reacts as Kanye West leaves the stage at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles 8 February, 2015 ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

If Beck was expecting an apology from Kanye West, he might be waiting a very long time.

Days after the rapper stormed the Grammy stage to hijack Beck's speech as he was accepting the Album of the Year award for Morning Phase, he has promised to boycott the biggest night in music until organisers fix the voting system.

In his latest rant, the 37-year-old rapper claimed that the Grammys need to start respecting creativity and stop prioritising ratings.

"I will not go to the Grammys [again] until I sit with Neil [Portnow], sit with Jimmy Jam, and fix the voting system so that it is more in line with the popular vote as those who are popular are the ones selling their advertising," he said on the Ryan Seacrest radio show.

"I feel that we have to base our new society, the future post-Internet society, off of blocks and bricks of truth. And if the Grammys are capitalising off the amount of views that Beyoncé gets for them and still not laying that brick of truth and being respectful towards [deserving artists]," he added.

West stunned fans when interrupted Beck after he beat out Beyoncé for Album of the Year, in what appeared to be a nod to his infamous stage invasion of Taylor Swift's 2009 Video Music Award speech. He later said that Beck winning the award was "disrespectful to inspiration".

Despite the controversial on-air rant, Kim Kardashian's husband insisted it wasn't a personal attack on 44-year-old Beck and claimed he would never knowingly disrespect another artist. However, he couldn't quite muster a sincere apology.

"First of all Beck is one of the nicest guys and one of the most respected musicians in the game. So, there's nothing that I will want to do as a fellow musician to disrespect him in any way."

He categorically denied claims that his preference for Beyoncé as an artist was a matter of race.

"I also wanted to stress to people that it's not a black or white thing at all. It's not me always standing up for a black artist. I feel that racism is a distraction to humanity. We are one race. We are the human race, period," West explained.

Inner voices

The interview took as bizarre turn when FourFiveSeconds hitmaker admitted that "voices in his head" instructed him to interrupt Beck's speech.

"Right when that happened, everybody was looking at me and then people started screaming, 'Kanye! Kanye! Go do it!' Okay, that didn't really happen. These were voices in my head. So the voices in my head told me go and then I just walked up like halfway up the stage.

"You know, what I really wanted to do is just joke around about what had happened before, but I just really didn't want to take away from Beck's moment."

West, who hadn't attended the ceremony for the preceding six years, went on to criticise the event saying: "So I just walked back down because you know, it was kind of a joke like the Grammys themselves.'"

But despite the backlash, West revealed that Swift supported his decision to upstage Beck and even approached him about a potential collaboration.

"Taylor Swift came up to me right afterwards, literally right afterwards, and tells me that I should have went onstage," said West. "So, this is the irony of my life."