The state government of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday (19 October) dismissed at least 12 employees over alleged anti-India activities. According to reports, some of the sacked employees have already been booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA) – which allows authorities to put people in jail without trial for six months – while others have escaped arrest.

Employees from different government offices, including an assistant registrar of Kashmir University and others from education, revenue, public health, engineering and food supplies, are among those who have been sacked. Officials said the government acted on a report prepared by the state police.

"Reports on their anti-national activities prepared by the state police were forwarded to the Chief Secretary, who then directed respective heads of departments to issue orders terminating their services," an official was quoted as saying news agency IANS.

The official added that the government summoned Article 126 of the state constitution to carry out the action after it was found that the employees were involved in the ongoing unrest in the Valley.

This comes amid a massive crackdown by the state police. Around 9,000 people have been detained for troublemaking and over 450 have been held under the PSA.

Clashes broke out in Indian-administered Kashmir after Burhan Wani – a Hizbul Mujahideen militant commander – was killed by security forces on 8 July. Since then, over 90 people have died and more than 12,000 have been injured.

The Indian government has alleged that the rising tensions in Kashmir are provoked by Pakistan.