Prince Harry and Prince William may not be on speaking terms now but it is said that Kate Middleton can change that.

The Duchess of Cambridge is witness to the once-close bond between the siblings. She grew up knowing them from her university days with the Duke of Cambridge. She believes that despite their alleged rift, her husband still loves his younger brother very much.

As such, sources said that she is desperately looking for ways for them to make up and regain that close relationship. An insider told US Weekly, "There's a small glimpse of hope of saving the brothers from never speaking again: Kate."

The source said that Kate Middleton "can sense that despite everything that has happened, William still feels the loss of Harry." Thus, for her part, she is "frantically trying to play peacemaker."

"[She] had a quiet word with the boys separately, even going as far as calling Harry in Montecito and suggesting that he reach out to William on his birthday," the insider said. But the problem is with the brothers. Both Prince Harry and Prince William "are both overly stubborn, so there's not much hope."

It is believed that the mum-of-three has talked to the Duke of Cambridge about the possibility of reconciling with his brother. She reportedly also reached out to the Duke of Sussex asking for his message to Prince William on his 40th birthday on Tuesday.

Kate Middleton has reportedly also quietly urged Prince Harry "to find it in his heart to try to patch things up one-on-one." She knows that despite of his "faults and mistakes, he's still the same person deep down and she knows that William loves and misses him deeply."

When that reconciliation between the brothers will happen remains unknown. They recently reunited for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee earlier in June. They were not seen publicly talking or mingling. It is said that palace aides intended for them not to be seen or pictured together to avoid any royal drama that could take the spotlight away from Queen Elizabeth II.

The last time Prince Harry and Prince William put on a united front in public was during the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue at Kensington Palace in July 2021.

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