Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive to attend the Tusk Conservation Awards at The Royal Society in London, September 12, 2013. (REUTERS/Peter Nicholls)
Prince William and Kate Middleton stayed at the luxury villa in 2006.

You can now party like a royal, at the very place where Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed a romantic getaway, courtesy of her Uncle Gary Goldsmith.

The IT recruitment millionaire is marketing the luxurious Ibizan villa La Maison de Bang Bang – reportedly named after the island's 'banging' dance music scene.

Holidaymakers can enjoy the same experience as the young royals in the high class getaway, which is available for rent for £20,000-a-week.

In 2006 the Royal couple stayed at the house, where, Goldsmith, was once allegedly caught cutting up lines of cocaine in a tabloid sting.

On the website the description of the house is riddled with spelling mistakes stating that staff can organise activities such as "raikhi [and] body ballencing" and can "help with vegitarian cuiseen, as well as help drive you around a bit and sort tables at clubs and resturants." There's also mention of a 'Jacquzzi'.

Royal Villa
The luxury villa in Ibiza is owned by Kate's uncle Gary Goldsmith. Gary Goldsmith

The luxury home features two master suites and two smaller bedrooms two gold thrones, a statue of a moustachioed butler and a 12ft Buddha, while the dining room includes a jukebox and a grand table with space for eight at mealtimes.

Goldsmith had put the villa on the market for £6million last year, but was unable to find a buyer.

A self-made millionaire, his reported drug problems have made Kate's uncle something of an embarrassment for the Middleton's and he's often described as the black sheep of the family.