Kate Middleton and her children might be having a difficult time adapting to the new normal in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. According to the Duchess of Cambridge, she is finding it hard to maintain social distance with her children, particularly Prince Louis.

On Tuesday, the royal mother made an appearance on BBC Breakfast to launch the broadcasting company's latest initiative "Tiny Happy People." It is an online education and awareness initiative that provides tips and tools to help new parents develop language and communication skills of their child. Apart from the initiative, she also gave out details from her family life amid the pandemic that requires everyone to adapt to social distancing as a new normal.

She revealed that she is struggling to make her youngest child Prince Louis understand the importance of maintaining distance for his own safety. "Louis doesn't understand social distancing. He goes out wanting to cuddle anything, particularly any babies younger than him," Kate said in the interview (via People) about her two-year-old toddler.

In addition, she went on to joke about her children's growing appetite. "My children have bottomless pits," she said. "I feel like a constant feeding machine."

Meanwhile, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have been residing in their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall since the beginning of the lockdown. The royal couple has spent time home schooling their children and enhancing their gardening skills.

Speaking during the national launch of the initiative, the duchess talked about the importance of early years' development, one of her beloved causes. She has been involved in the creative development of the project that aims to bridge the gap that is caused between parents and children under the age of five due to a lack of language skills.

She went on to talk about how lockdown has impacted her family. While she acknowledges its positive effects for some, she accepts it may have been strenuous for others. Kate also acknowledged that is has been challenging for her family too.

"It has been challenging – I think challenging for loads of people," she said in a response to one of the parents at the meeting. "Some parts have been really positive – spending extra time with the kids and everything like that but it's equally stressful. You're in confined spaces and having to homeschool, that was definitely a challenge. I always respected teachers before but now I have a newfound respect for them."

She also explained how the lockdown will help us "re-value" the importance of relationships and intimacy.

"In a way, we have forgotten almost how important relationships are. It's that connectivity, that intimacy that we've all really missed during the lockdown. If nothing else, hopefully, one of the silver linings is that people actually will really, really re-value how those things are," she added.

Kate Middleton with Prince Louis
Prince Louis Getty Images/Matt Porteous

Tiny Happy People is a long-term education commitment from the BBC. It provides tips and advice, and tons of activities for parents to try out with their children as they develop their brain and communication skills.