The Duchess of Cambridge is back to work in full swing amid the coronavirus pandemic. She is certainly being precautious during her in-person engagements. At her recent public engagement, a visit to baby bank charity, the royal donned a floral face mask with her attire, and she looked fabulous.

For a new children's initiative, Kate Middleton visited Baby Basics, a baby bank charity in the UK, that aims to support new mothers and families struggling to make ends meet after a baby is born. In support of these vulnerable families, the royal mother has brought together 19 British brands and retailers to donate over 10,000 new items to more than 40 baby banks across the UK.

Kate was pretty hands-on during the event as she reportedly helped unpack the donations made by the brands to Baby Basics. Pictures from her engagement were posted on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official Instagram account. She can be seen wearing gloves and apron as she unloads the deliveries. During her visit, she even met the staff and talked to the families about how baby banks have provided them with invaluable support as they battle through the pandemic.

"Over recent months, I have heard from families who have been supported by baby banks through the most difficult of times and I have been deeply moved by their stories," the duchess said as per the news statement on the charity's website. "Having somewhere to turn to for support is important for all families, and baby banks work every day, up and down the country, to provide immediate, tangible and practical help for parents and carers when they are most in need."

She went on to appreciate the difference baby banks are making by providing essential bundles to the families in need.

"Baby banks are driven by incredible volunteers, demonstrating the power of community spirit in supporting families and coming together to raise the next generation. Thanks to the generosity of the companies taking part in this initiative, baby banks across the UK will be able to support even more families through this particularly challenging time," she added.

With her new initiative, the duchess has UK brands supporting baby banks run by Baby Basics UK, London-based Little Village, and Aberdeenshire-based AberNecessities. The retailers supporting the initiative include Bloom and Blossom, Boden, Bramley, Childs Far, DHL, Green People, John Lewis, Kit and Kin, M&S, My Little Coco, Sainsbury's, Tesco, and more.

The initiative is an outcome of Kate's private visits to Baby Basics in West Norfolk where she heard all about the challenges baby banks were facing during the global crisis. Learning about their increasing need for supplies, the duchess spearheaded a donation drive in collaboration with prime baby brands.

Kate Middleton with Prince Louis
Prince Louis Getty Images/Matt Porteous

For the visit, the duchess wore a white button-down summer dress by Suzannah, according to Harper's Bazaar. She paired it with a floral-print beige face mask by Amaia London and stiletto pumps by Tabitha Simmons.