Kate Middleton stressed the importance of music as she hosted her debut Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey for 1,200 Covid heroes who have gone the extra mile for their community in recent times.

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed that she herself took the help of music to get through a "bleak time" during the coronavirus pandemic. In a newly released introduction for the concert that she hosted earlier this month, she said, "Music was so important to me during the pandemic as I think it was to so many people too. But above all it's about celebrating the goodwill, the acts of kindness, love, empathy, and compassion to help people come through these difficult times."

The mother-of-three said that she had been buoyed by the "acts of kindness" shown by people all over the country as they dealt with the pandemic, and noted that it proved "love can really bring us comfort and relief in times of distress".

The new footage is from the ITV programme on the concert that will air on Christmas Eve at 7:30 pm. It will also include clips of the Duchess decorating the Christmas tree at the abbey before welcoming the Covid heroes to the festive event, reports The Mirror.

She says in the programme, "We've been through such a bleak time. We've seen so many challenges. We've lost our loved ones. We've seen frontline workers under immense pressure. And also we've been more isolated from each other. But I suppose through that separation, we've also realised how much we need each other and how love can really bring us comfort and relief in times of distress."

Kate's words of appreciation for music came soon after her husband Prince William revealed the role songs play in their home. In his debut appearance on the "Time To Walk" series on Apple Fitness earlier this month, the Duke of Cambridge said, "There's nothing better than, on a Monday morning, when you're a bit bleary-eyed after the weekend, listening to AC/DC, Thunderstruck. I have to say the first time I put it on, I was kind of like, 'Well, this is heavy for a Monday morning', but now, when I listen to it, it's the best tonic."

The 39-year-old also revealed that his daughter Princess Charlotte loves to dance to "Waka Waka" by popstar Shakira, and his youngest child Prince Louis also joins his sister. However, his eldest son Prince George has a different taste in music which causes massive fights between the royal siblings, which is why he and Kate alternate between their two eldest children as to who can pick the music.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton said the whole community must work together to support children AFP/Getty