Kate Middleton is reportedly trying to put on a strong face after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, as she doesn't want her and Prince William's three children to get affected by it.

A source told Us Weekly that the Duchess of Cambridge is a "protective" mother and would "hate" for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to "see her upset or struggling." The insider said: "The interview was particularly difficult for Kate to digest, but she's pulled herself together and is staying strong for the royal family and her children."

"Kate's an extremely protective mother and while she's all about open communication, George, Charlotte and Louis are still young," the source said.

The tell-all interview had several mentions of Kate, as her sister-in-law Meghan and Oprah discussed Buckingham palace and British media's different attitude towards them. The Duchess of Sussex also claimed that Kate had made her cry ahead of her wedding over an argument over flower girl dresses, but apologised and is a "good person."

The interview also included Harry's confession of a rift with his brother Prince William, and Kate has stepped up to support her husband as well while he deals with feelings of "upset and anger" at Harry.

"Kate is definitely strong enough to get through this," the source said, calling the future Queen "one of the most dignified women you'll ever meet" who has a "mind over matter attitude."

"She has a lead by example attitude, so it's important for her to be a good role model to them. George and Charlotte are back at school, but she's been spending her evenings with them," the insider said.

George, Charlotte, and Louis are also unknowingly helping their mother amid the crisis in the royal family. The source said: "The children always brighten up her day, and she always says that when she goes through a difficult time, having her family there always helps. She feels so blessed to have her kids and a loving family."

Kate Middleton with Prince Louis
Kate Middleton with Prince Louis Getty Images/Matt Porteous