Kate Middleton remembered the promise she made to a little girl several months ago, and fulfilled it when the two got a chance to meet on the royal's recent trip to Scotland.

Mila Sneddon, a 5-year-old girl from Scotland who is battling leukemia, first spoke to Kate over the phone in August last year when she participated in the royal's "Hold Still" photography project, in which pictures taken by the British public during the lockdown period of the pandemic were exhibited online. Mila, who along with her mother had to isolate separately from the rest of her family as she was only 4 months into her chemotherapy journey for leukemia, had contributed a picture titled "Shielding Mila," which showed her waving to her father from the other side of a window.

Mila got the chance to speak to the Duchess after her picture was selected as one of the final 100 for the exhibition, and started the phone call by saying, "Good morning, Your Royal Highness," to which Kate responded with a laugh, "Good morning. My goodness me, you're so polite, Mila!" During their conversation, the young girl told Kate that her favourite colour is pink.

Kate then promised her that she would also wear a pink dress whenever they get a chance to meet. "I have to make sure I go and try to find myself a pink dress. Hopefully, when one day, hopefully, Mila, we'll get to meet, and then I'll remember to wear my pink dress for you," the Duchess said, after which an excited Mila exclaimed, "Yay!"

The two finally got a chance to meet this Thursday, when the young girl along with her family visited the royal at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. For the occasion, Kate made good on her promise and wore a colour block skirt dress by Me+Em in sugar pink, while Mila also arrived wearing a light pink frock that she accessorised with a faux tiara in her hair.

A video of their meeting, set on a rendition of "Let It Go" from "Frozen," was shared on the social media accounts of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge. The minute-long video started with a home-recorded clip of Mila getting excited and breaking into happy tears when her mother told her they are going to meet the Duchess at the palace. The video then showed the family exploring the palace, during which Mila also played the piano before Kate joined them.

"I want to give you a big, squeezy cuddle. I love your dress. Can you give it a twirl?" the mother-of-three said to the young girl, who sweetly spun for the Duchess. The video further showed them sitting on the far ends of the couch, and ended with Mila posing with her family in front of the palace.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton in a pastel pink Alendra McQueen dress AFP/Getty