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The world watched with bated breath as Kate Middleton and Prince William wed one another, on 29 April, at a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey. The global audience numbered in excess of two billion.

It has been an eventful year for the world's favourite royal couple - right from their honeymoon in the Seychelles and all their world tours and domestic and international commitments. They have not, unfortunately, spent much time together - something they will no doubt be keen on changing now that their first anniversary as man and wife is upon them.

A spokesperson at St James' Palace did not comment on details but did admit the couple would be celebrating it "privately"... a word that well reflects the nature, at least outwardly, of their relationship - simplicity and comfort in each other's presence.

"William is cooking for them," a friend of the couple was quoted as saying in Grazia, adding, "It's a joke between them that his culinary skills were what originally wooed Kate all those years ago. They'll probably watch a DVD and reflect on the past year. They really are old before their time, and it's not very glamorous, but they're very happy."

The Duke and the Duchess were under the public scanner all through their first year and came through with flying colours, winning everyone's heart. It wasn't just the public displays of affection... it was also the little things they did for each other that made them all the more popular.

For example, when William was on RAF duty in the Falklands, Kate prepared a memorable gift for his return - she posed for a canvas portrait of herself by royal artist Nicola Philipps.

"Most couples wouldn't think a picture of a loved one would be a great present, but this is a big deal," a source was quoted in the Sun, "It's the first portrait Kate has sat for, which is a huge thing for the royals."

Kate has made a wonderful impression on William's family too.

"We're all thrilled to welcome Catherine into the family because she's absolutely lovely. Very charming indeed and a perfect companion for William," Prince Edward was quoted as saying in the Mirror.

The 30 year old has never shied from expressing how she feels. In a Daily Mail report, she shared details of how she missed her husband with the wife of a marine pilot.

"I don't know how you manage. I miss William so much when he goes away. He went once for four weeks and I missed him so much," Kate said.

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