Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith expressed his disbelief at everything that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said in their Oprah interview. He also shared his reasons why he believes his niece should become queen sooner rather than later as he said she has the "Diana touch."

The businessman, who is the younger brother of the duchess' mother Carole, admitted that he was "livid" when he saw the interview. He also defended his niece, telling Daily Mail in an exclusive interview that she is not capable of hurting anyone let alone make the Duchess of Sussex cry.

"There is no way the Kate I know would do that. I just don't believe a word of it. The whole interview beggared belief...There was no reason for them to betray the family trust in the way they did," Goldsmith said adding that he does not believe what Meghan Markle said about the palace refusing her help for her mental health.

"I don't buy it. Harry is patron of a mental health charity," he continued.

Goldsmith also laughed at Prince Harry's suggestion that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are "trapped" in the system. He knows that his niece "feels loved and supported in that family."

"Never...With Carole and Mike — and William's immediate family — around her, she's in safe hands. I don't think William would allow her to be used or abused in that way," he explained.

But he expressed sadness at how Prince Harry looked during Prince Philip's funeral. The Duke of Sussex reportedly "was just sad" and "he looked lost."

"I feel quite emotional even talking about it, but we've all been thinking about mental health, and here we are, watching someone crumbling in front of us. It's not right," Goldsmith shared as he put the blame on the Duchess of Sussex for destroying what used to be a happy life between the brothers and Kate Middleton.

"When Meghan came along it should have been more fun. Kate would have been welcoming to her, because she would have wanted Harry to be happy. If Harry is happy, everyone is happy," he explained adding that in "the end, it became about Meghan, it's all about Meghan" and he felt disappointed because he "thought she was given quite a hard time from the Press, but perhaps the Press got it right quicker than we did."

Goldsmith also proposed Kate Middleton for the role of the queen sooner than later. He said his niece acts like a royal should behave but she has "that poise of the public servant, also the common touch or the Diana touch." He said people look up to her and at the same time identify with her. He shared his hope that his niece and Prince William will have the opportunity to have an "even longer reign" than Queen Elizabeth II.

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