In a tweet shared on Monday, Katy Perry called for unity between supporters of Donald Trump and Joe Biden following the U.S. election results. Her request fell on deaf ears to those who think that she does not see the importance of an emphatic and non-racist person taking over the White House.

The "Never Worn White" singer divided fans' opinions in a tweet when she revealed that not everyone in her family voted for the same person for U.S. president. She said the first thing she did when the projected results came out was to call her family members and express her love for them.

Perry meant well but some netizens took her message negatively. Some claimed that she does not realise the importance of a change in a country's leadership, especially after Trump's presidency was littered with racism, sexism, and white supremacy.

"Truth is, rich white ppl such as yourself were NEVER at risk no matter who won this election. To you, this is more a disagreement of opinions –to the rest of us, this election was a matter of life or death in many aspects. So no, I won't be calling my family to console them," user @rcohenn7 commented.

"I'm tired of fighting for basic rights when the other side is just unreasonably afraid of immigrants, Black ppl, anyone who's different. When they're afraid of losing their guns and I'm afraid of losing my healthcare and my autonomy," @rcohenn7 added.

"Sorry Katy, but I'm Indigenous, and trump supporters have made it quite clear that my existence offends them, and I'm not about to turn the other cheek so they can go on with their lives with that genocidal hatred they've openly expressed in the last 4 years safely hidden again," another replied.

Regardless, there were also those who clarified that what Perry meant was to accept and love family members, political ideologies aside. The 36-year-old "Smile" hitmaker also seemed to address the criticisms in her latest tweet.

Perry talked about people "having physical manifestations of the negative that has been inside & swirling around lately." She said there has been an "intense shift in energy this week" and reminded people to be "kind to yourself."

Katy Perry
Katy Perry smiling for the shutterbugs (File photo) Getty Images