Katy Perry
During her racy performance at the BBC 1 Big Weekend event on Saturday, 27 May, Katy Perry also paid tribute to the Manchester blast victims Rich Fury/Getty

Katy Perry took the BBC One Big Event show by storm, but the songstress suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing her recent hit number Bon Appétit on Saturday, 27 May.

The Dark Horse hit-maker wore a sparkling silver mini dress coupled with matching knee length blazer. During her performance, the singer squatted revealing her underwear before thousands of concert goers.

Undeterred, the 32-year-old Roar singer continued her power-packed performance with songs like I Kissed a Girl, Roar and latest tracks Bon Appétit, Chained to the Rhythm and Swish Swish at the televised music festival. During the event, she also addressed a genuine issue that plenty of concert goers face.

"Some of you have to pee, right? I know I know I know. I wear sometimes awful contraptions that doesn't let me use the restroom," she said. "So I know kinda how you feel. But it's all about the music and that's why we're holding in everything."

Perry also gave an emotional tribute to the victims of Manchester blast. "I think that you guys are extremely beautiful and I think that we're all extremely brave and we're all in this together, aren't we? And you know what? We will still dance, we will still sing, we will still make music. This next one goes out to Manchester and to all the people that know what it means to love music and be a community because of it," she said.

The pop star appeared concerned about the recent and dangerous trend of social media addiction and asked her fans to connect with people in person. "If you haven't kindly touched the person to our right or left just do that. Just a little connection. Social media can't do that, can it? This is a part of us that they'll never take away from us. Rest in peace, Manchester," she added.