Kellie Maloney
Kellie Maloney is preparing to go on a date but says she is not ready for love yet IBTimes UK

Kellie Maloney has revealed that getting approached by men has made her feel finally accepted as a female.

The transgender former boxing promoter who once used to manage Lennox Lewis says she now enjoys getting offers from men and is preparing to go out on her first date as Kellie next week.

The 61-year-old, who received a rapturous applause at the Ukip Spring Conference, said: "It [being chatted up] has happened a couple of time, it's different.

"It makes me feel I'm accepted by everybody as I'm seen as what I've always believed I was, a female," she told the Daily Star.

Maloney is planning to go on her first date as Kellie with a man who won a date with her during a charity auction for Macmillan nurses, but added that she is not ready for love yet.

"I tell my counsellor about it. They say: 'You have to accept men will come up and talk to you, they will talk to you in a different way. Eventually you will make your mind up if you want to have a relationship with a male or female'.

"But I'm not ready to have a relationship or get involved with anyone because I've got too much on my mind."

She said her focus was more on her operation later this month.

"I've been on my own for six-and-a-half years and I like my own company. So do I want someone or do I want to stay on my own?

"I'm more concerned about my final operation, that's the final piece in the jigsaw and then I can start living another life.

"I've got a lot of decisions to make after my operation."