Who can blame fashion label La Perla for making Kendall Jenner the face - and behind - of their new lingerie line.

The 21-year-old reality star-turned-model showed off her famously lithe physique in the new colourful campaign for the brand which sees her standing in front of a floral backdrop in just a pair of red lace knickers.

Kim Kardashian's half-sister is turned to the side in the shot and covers her breasts with both hands to protect her modesty while showing off her peachy posterior for all to see.

Kendall shared the snap yesterday and it has already amassed 2.1m likes. La Perla's version of the post lead to shoppers questioning the price of the thong, which retails for $80 (£61).

One person wrote: "Nice pic and all.. And undies are cute... But 80 dollars for a thong? That seems a little steep for most of the population. For 80 dollars I could get 60+ pairs of underwear somewhere else."

Another put: "She def has the body to make this thong look $80 dollars good"

Many were quick to praise the model's figure, with someone else adding: "Best way to wake up to a new day "

The Victoria's Secret model's latest campaign will undoubtedly sit better with audiences than her Pepsi endeavour that was so controversial it was pulled by the company.

Another commented: "Whooah so sexy Kendall in @laperlalingerie"

i don't smoke

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The campaign comes as Kendall has finally been granted a permanent restraining order against Thomas Hummel, a stalker who sent her a string of threatening letters.

He must stay at least 100 yards away from the model for the next three years and must not contact her in any way. He is also not allowed to own any guns in that time.

TMZ reported that Kendall was not present for the hearing in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, but a representative presented a declaration from her head of security that persuaded that court action had to be taken.

Kendall Jenner
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