Kevin Hart wife
Kevin Hart with wife Eniko Parrish at an event - (File photo) Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish recently took to social media to share the first photos of their son Kenzo after welcoming him on 21 November. And, now the comedian-turned-actor has talked about his newborn for the first time, saying it is hard on him to leave his baby boy at home while he heads out to work.

Speaking to E! News, the Central Intelligence star said that he misses the "excitement" of the baby being at home as he travels all over the world to fulfil his commitments.

"'s more of the excitement of the baby being home and just wanting to be there to see what's new," the 38-year-old said.

While he is jetting all over the place due to work, Hart does receive videos, which keeps him "very much up to date" on his newborn son.

As Kenzo is Hart's third child, it can be assumed that his has acquired a lot of parenting skills over the years that he can use to raise his newborn. While that might be the case, Hart revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he has never changed a diaper in his life.

"I have not changed a diaper. I'm around when the diaper is being changed, which makes me a part of the process within the moment," he said.

"All you have to do is find other stuff to do while it's going down to keep you busy. That's all," he added.

Hart has also said that his son has his "strong genes" and "he looks just like his daddy".

He added, "I have no complaints at all - very blessed, very happy. You know, looking to expand this legacy. Last name Hart lives on. Generations now, we got generations of it."

Hart was previously married to Torrei Hart. They share two children - 12-year-old Heaven and 10-year-old Hendrix.