On Sunday, A KFC worker in Tennessee went beyond the call of duty to help save a woman after she slipped a note in his hands at the food joint asking for help.

According to police, the woman had begged for help in the note stating that she was being held captive. The concerned KFC outlet is located at 6262 Winchester Road in Memphis, Tennessee.

The KFC employee, whose name has not been revealed, called the police informing them of the victim and the note. The police rushed to the location and approached the woman's partner, but he started to run away as soon as he saw the police officers.

However, the police were able to take the man into custody after a short chase. The woman later revealed that her partner, Diego Glay, had been holding her captive and would not let her move out of his sight at all.

"The female that wrote the note was still on the business lot accompanied by a male. As officers approached the couple, the man ran on foot. After a brief foot chase, he was apprehended and identified as Diego Glay," read the official statement from the police.

She recalled how he would beat her and threaten her if she tried to leave. He had even punched her in the face when she had tried to leave him once, according to an arrest affidavit. Glay had even taken away her phone.

She further spoke about how they had been living in "cheap random hotels around the city," before she finally got the chance to pass on the note to the KFC worker, according to a report in The Mirror.

Glay is currently in custody at the Shelby County jail; a judge set his bail at $35,000. He is scheduled to appear in front of a judge for a preliminary hearing on June 1.

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