Sailson Jose das Gracas Brazil Serial Killer
Saison José das Graças, 26, is escorted by policemen at a police station in Nova Iguaçu near Rio de Janeiro Reuters

Saison José das Graças, the Brazilian serial killer who murdered 42 people, has revealed what motivated him to become an murderer.

He said killing his first victim when he was 17 and "gave me a buzz. I kept on doing it and I enjoyed it."

The murderer said that he struggled psychologically when he had not killed anyone for more than three months.

"When I wasn't killing someone, I got uptight. I would pace up and down at home. Killing calmed me down," he said. "I'd kill someone and then would think about the victim for two to three months."

The 26-year-old describes how he became accustomed to "hunting" in order to get his next adrenaline fix from his victim.

When asked how he felt about the likelihood that he will received Brazil's maximum jail sentence of 30 years, the killer declared: "I don't feel remorse – if I go to jail for 10, 15, 20 years, then as soon as I get out I'll do the same thing all over again."

Pedro Henrique Medina, a police commissioner from Nova Iguacu, commented: "He wanted to kill women – white women, not black ones. He followed the victims, studying them closely before committing the crimes."

Das Graças admitted killing 37 women, three men and a two year-old girl, over a nine-year period. He was arrested by Nova Iguacu police after he fatally stabbed a woman.

The serial killer also says he was hired by Cleusa Balbina and her husband Jose Messias to commit murders. In exchange for board and lodgings as well as a small amount of money, Das Gracas was commissioned by the pair to murder three men and one woman. One of his victims was murdered over an unpaid R $40 (£10) debt.

In exchange for board and lodgings as well as a small payment, Das Gracas claims he murdered three men and one woman for the couple. One of his victims was murdered over an unpaid R$40 (£10) debt.

Balbina and Messias are now under arrest.