North Korea ramps up anti-Ebola measures
Kim Jong-un attended a banquet for North Korea's triumph at the Asian Games Getty

'Cheese-obsessed' Kim Jong-un has placed his weight loss triumph in jeopardy by attending a lavish banquet.

The young dictator of North Korea risked piling the pounds straight back on at an enormous feast in Pyongyang.

Ironically, it was held in honour of the country's athletic achievements at the recent Asian Games.

Kim, believed to be 31, has only just re-emerged from a month's seclusion where he battled a mystery ailment, amid reports he had broken an ankle due to his obesity and that he needed to shed weight due to a gluttonous addiction to Swiss cheese.

Officials in the Stalinist state said the banquet was to mark North Korea's medal haul at the Games, hosted by its arch-enemy south of 38th parallel.

It also marked Kim's third public appearance in a week since his comeback which helped quash rumours about his position.

Despite appearances, the 'dear leader' is reportedly an avid sports fan and he reportedly hailed the athletes' Asian Games display as proof of, "the validity and vitality of the party's plan for building a sports powerhouse."

North Korea won golds in weightlifting among a haul of medals in what was the nation's best tally for more than a quarter of a century.