The threat of a second memoir from Prince Harry after "Spare" has reportedly left King Charles III fearful that his son will detail the abuse Princess Diana suffered during their marriage.

The Duke of Sussex raised speculations that he will release a second book after he admitted in an interview with The Telegraph that "Spare" was originally 800 pages long but was cut down to 400. He also said he omitted some things that could be very damaging to his father and Prince William.

According to royal author Tom Bower, the 38-year-old's admission was a veiled threat to reveal more royal secrets. The threat of a second book has reportedly left the new monarch "frozen in fear" that his youngest son will talk about his troubled marriage to Princess Diana.

The biographer told the Globe newspaper, "The embattled king knows he has good reason to fear his son. No one knows better than Charles that Harry has barely scratched the surface when it comes to his tumultuous marriage to Diana, his difficult relationship with his own parents, and his adulterous relationship with Camilla."

Prince Harry could reportedly reveal details about the mental and physical abuse heaped upon Princess Diana during the marriage. King Charles III allegedly fears that his son will detail how he broke the then Princess of Wales' heart "with his cold behaviour and by flaunting his mistress in her face," which is "not what he wants the public to know about."

Meanwhile, royal commentator Dan Wootton has called the Duke of Sussex's veiled threat as "emotional blackmail on a global scale." The royal is allegedly using the threat of a second memoir "to bend his father to his will" and to get him to issue an apology to him and Meghan Markle.

"If Charles gives in now he is making it clear to Harry and Meghan that throwing mud works. The only solution is to get tough on the Sussexes and freeze them out until they apologise for their treacherous behaviour," Wootton said.

In his interview, Prince Harry admitted that he did not include some of his most explosive revelations about Prince William and King Charles in "Spare" because he does not want the world to know. He has yet to announce a second memoir.

Britain's Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' displayed at Waterstones bookstore, in London
Britain's Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' displayed at Waterstones bookstore, in London Reuters