King Charles III's proposal to increase the number of royals eligible to be Counsellors of State is deemed a snub to Prince Harry, as it means it will be more unlikely for him to be called on to represent his father.

Royal author Angela Levin claimed this decision from His Majesty is likely not going to go down well with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She called it a "slight" not only to the 38-year-old royal but also to his uncle, Prince Andrew.

But she at the same time, she called it an important move for the monarch. She told the Daily Mail, "Of course, it is a slight to Harry and Andrew - but there's a good reason and it's necessary."

She said the proposal is a subtle way of removing Prince Andrew and the Duke of York from the current list of Counsellors of State. Levin said King Charles III took them "off the list in a very diplomatic way."

"Harry and Meghan would be absolutely furious" with this decision, the author claimed and argued that it is only right, given that Prince Harry now "lives in California, he's stopped being a working royal, so why should he [be a Counsellor of State]?" She said, "It isn't about Harry" but instead about what King Charles III needs.

Levin added, "Reading between the lines it allows him the ensure (sic) that the right people are doing the right job."

Counsellors of State can carry out official duties on behalf of the monarch under certain circumstances. These could include when he is overseas or physically unable to perform his duties due to health reasons. Currently, those who can stand in for him include his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Prince William, and Princess Beatrice.

King Charles III's proposal to increase the number of counsellors of state was announced during Monday's meeting at the House of Lords. Lord Parker of Minsmere delivered His Majesty's message which in context revealed that he wants to add his sister, Princess Anne, and younger brother, Prince Edward, as Counsellors of State. Any changes to legislation to increase the number of Counsellors of State will reportedly be finalised later this year ahead of the monarch and queen consort's overseas tour in 2023.

Charles, William and Harry
Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, during a commemoration ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, in Vimy, near Arras, northern France, in April 2017 Reuters