A royal biographer has warned King Charles III against inviting Prince Harry to his coronation and responding to his son's revelations in "Spare" and suggested that he remains silent instead.

Angela Levin, author of "Harry: A Biography of a Prince," thinks it is a "very bad idea" to invite the Sussexes. She also does not agree that His Majesty, or other royal family members for that matter, should respond to the revelations in "Spare" as she explained that the British public already understands what they are going through in the wake of the duke's "disgusting" attacks on his family.

Instead, she suggested that the royals carry on with their public duties and let time deal with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Levin told GB News, "I think he and the senior royals Camilla, William, and Catherine have all behaved with the most enormous dignity. They've been very busy. They've carried on what they had to do and if you do practical things, you start forgetting all the nastiness and I think that he should continue with that."

She continued, "It's not our business to know the details of him (King Charles III) and Harry. We can see for ourselves that it's disgusting what they're (Sussexes) doing and they have no right to be here to be rude."

The biographer added, "How could you talk about your father and your family like that? And then come to a ceremony that is very serious and look bored or push yourself in the front or get angry that you're not given the seat that you want. Well, I think that's terrible."

Levin's comments come following rumours that His Majesty will do a landmark interview with the BBC ahead of his coronation on May 6. It will reportedly be a piece to camera that will discuss his plans as the new monarch.

But the line of questioning has reportedly left palace aides concerned that it would divert toward the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They allegedly do not want the monarch to address the couple or respond to the revelations in "Spare" as they fear that it could just attract negative publicity or more royal drama ahead of his coronation.

The public has also urged King Charles III not to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to his coronation amid claims that he has asked Archbishop Justin Welby to broker a deal with the couple so they can attend.

Concerned about public perceptions, King Charles has reportedly requested a less lavish ceremony that his mother's 1953  coronation
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