Zara Tindall is reportedly eyeing an opportunity to be on a reality TV show following her husband Mike Tindall's appearance on "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!" She wants to be in the famous dance contest "Strictly Come Dancing" and a royal author claimed that she will get the same support the royal family gave to her husband.

Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe said that he would not be surprised if the former Olympian already received the invite to appear on the show. He said her appearance on "Strictly" is "not out of the realm of possibility."

He thinks that it "would be a gamble" and if she really wants to do it, then he believes that she will have the "full support of King Charles III." Larcombe guessed that the mum-of-three may have received countless invites to be on the show prior to Mike's appearance in "I'm A Celebrity."

Larcombe told OK! "The invitation will already have arrived on Zara's mat, probably for the umpteenth time, but it would be a very safe programme for her to take part in. Watch this space..."

He suggested that Zara's appearance in the show will be good publicity for the British royal family, as was Mike's involvement in "I'm A Celebrity." The former rugby captain instantly became popular with viewers although he did not win.

Regardless, Mike's down-to-earth personality and his determination to face every challenge in the show reportedly reflected positively on the royals. Larcombe does not doubt that Zara's appearance on "Strictly Come Dancing" would also be the same.

He explained, "Appearing in the jungle was a huge gamble for Mike, but it's really paid off. With his raised profile, Mike will now be of more value to more organisations – organisations that might normally want to get a working royal on board – so I think we can expect to see a lot more of him and Zara over the coming year."

Larcombe added that Zara and Mike "might be able to play a more significant role with their celebrity status, if not their royal status." He claimed that "anything that's good for their profiles should also be good for King Charles III." However, reports that Zara is eyeing to be in "Strictly Come Dancing" remain a rumour.

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